Monday, March 2, 2009

Landscape Design & Construction



MISSION STATEMENT: Create a beautiful garden, promote the right plant in the right spot, and educate about plants, maintenance & design.*

My gardens are organic and sustainable, for you & Nature.
EXTERIOR DESIGN INCLUDES: Plants & Hardscape: outdoor rooms, kitchens, pool, furnishings, patio/deck shapes-color-materials, pathways, pots, focal points, paint colors for house, gutters, shutters, light fixtures, doors, doormats, hardware, styling window views into the house.
INSTALLING YOUR LANDSCAPE: Licensed/insured Home Builder & contracting team.  We install complete garden & home renovation plans including plants, ponds, arbors, stone terraces, flagstone paths, gravel or concrete drive, boulder steps, cobblestone edging, stone walls, drainage solutions, Tara Turf, lawn, irrigation, cisterns, rain barrels and more.
YOUR GARDEN DESIGN IDEAS:  I pull the landscape from your imagination into a drawing. Incorporating the dictates of your site, architecture, interior style, and axis views from inside your home to design your landscape.
Gather the following for your landscape design.
Create a mission statement, no more than 2 lines, of what you want from and for your landscape. You may include a mission statement for front, back, or more.
Make a copy of your plat, it's usually with your mortgage papers.
Homeowner association rules. You are responsible for submitting the plan.
Determine where you have full sun, part sun, shade, part shade.
Make a list of plants you like.
Make a list of plants you dislike.
Create a Pinterest board of gardens you like & elements you want included in your landscape.

In historic, organic, beautiful, easy landscapes. To achieve this I use flowering shrubs, trees and groundcovers.
Landscapes begin inside your home into window views.
A landscape must be beautiful in February and  May.
Higher property value & lower HVAC are the product of good landscape design.
Tara's Trinity of the Southern Garden: azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas.
Creating a beautiful landscape creates a beautiful life.
Landscape Plan or Consultation
Acreage to subdivision to pied-a-terre.
Price: $165.00 For the first hour, $85.00 for each hour thereafter.  3 hour minimum.  Travel charges apply. Prices subject to change without notice.


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  7. Planning like this can be of help in organizing your thoughts as to how your garden should look like. Let your imagination and creativity flow to help you plan which and how your choices of flowers, accessories, and other ornaments will look like in your garden. Yes, the contractors can do all the work, but the design is more fulfilling if it comes from your own thoughts. :)

    -- Shona Martinez

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  9. Your gardens are organic and sustainable..., Interested